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Meet The Embankment Club

Hina Tsurugi

A shy, indoor girl, with an interest with crafts, who slowly overcomes here fear of fishes and develops a love for the sport together with the members of the embankment club.

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Hodoka Natsumi

A exuberent tomboy who was Hina’s best friend. She loves fishing and the outdoors. Despite her looks, she boasts good grades and developed an interest in crafts under the guidance of Hina.

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Kuroiwa Yuuki

Despite lazing around most of the time during club activities, she’s not the prez for no reason, she’s knowledgeable about fishing and can explain things easily for beginners. Don’t let your guard down or she’ll take advantage of you.

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Makoto Oono

Shy, soft spoken, yet boasts a deep knowledge of fishing. Smart, polite and well endowed. Wife material.

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Kotoni Sayaka

Smart and beautiful school nurse on the surface, but keep her away from the drinks or she’ll turn into a gremlin and steal all your food. Serious about the club when need be. Owns a truck and hunting license. Also wife material.

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